A New Book On Male Archetypes: Warrior Magician Lover King


Sovereign Books Ltd are delighted to be publishers of an important new guide to male emotions,  psychology, and self-development:

Warrior, Magician, Lover, King: A Guide To The Male Archetypes Updated For The 21st Century

by Rod Boothroyd

This book is a modern account of the male archetypes of King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover. It’s a fascinating, easy-to-read book which explains how these archetypes can play out in our lives as men from the moment of our birth to the end of our lives.

Author Rod Boothroyd explains how archetypal energies develop in us, how they can be affected by our childhood experiences, and perhaps most importantly, how they can affect our lives today for better or worse. 

Rod says: “This isn’t just about men.  These archetypes are just as relevant to women, and much of what I write about men is equally true for women.  In the book I show how our emotions, thoughts, feelings and behaviour can be  controlled by each of these archetypes without us even being consciously aware of what is happening.

“To explain these things, I explain the concepts of the unconscious mind, shadow and emotional wounding. Perhaps most importantly, I show how our experiences during childhood can influence our emerging personality and determine how we express ourselves during adulthood.

“We all experience some degree of emotional ‘wounding’ during childhood: this is unavoidable. In fact, for better or worse, this is often the most important factor in shaping who we become as adults.

“But the way we have become is not the way we have to stay: while archetypal and shadow energies are powerful drivers of our behaviour, they are not fixed. And so I offer lots of ways in which we men can explore our archetypal energies and emotional wounding – and then move beyond our limitations into a much fuller expression of our innate potential.

“In the end, this book is about becoming the most we can be, standing tall and proud, with a profound and unshakeable sense of self-esteem, knowing that we have the power to control our lives and achieve things we may never have thought possible.”

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