The Shadow and How To Reclaim Its Energy

Introduction to the Archetypes & Shadow

The concept of Shadow is explained by a metaphor created by Robert Bly: a child born with a natural “360 degree personality” will gradually hide, repress and deny the bits of himself that his world does not want into his unconscious, to gain acceptance or approval.

This is what Robert Bly called “stuffing parts of himself into his Shadow Bag”.

This bag grows heavier and longer over the years until it’s a great weight to carry around. Tucked away, out of sight, into the Shadow Bag, this archetypal energy does not lose its power. Instead, it grows and may emerge years or even decades later in a distorted form – inflated or deflated as described below.

Amazingly, a large proportion of our shadow is made up of golden energy. This is helpful to remember if you believe that what’s tucked into your Shadow Bag has gone in there because it is somehow “dark energy” that is unwanted. Much of your golden power, your  magnificence and wonderful vitality, may be in shadow too.

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